[Autonogram] NYC: Sound Art book events this week; DC: CORE conference

Ben at Autonomedia ben@autonomedia.org
Mon, 5 Jan 2004 14:43:10 -0500

greetings, everyone, and happy 2004, hopefully one much improved from 
rotten old 2003.  We've got a couple of events coming up; here's the 

1. "Sound Generation" is a collection of interviews with sound 
artists Autonomedia will hopefully be publishing in 2004. The 
interviews get into the political ramifications of sound artists' 
practices, conceptual questions on the nature of sound and 
demarcations of sound art, the political economy of performance and 
distribution, and lots more. The book will be released with a double 
CD of material from the artists involved.

Later this week we're co-sponsoring a pair of events to raise 
printing costs for the book, involving many of the artists in the 
project. Have a look at the flyer for the event at 
http://www.autonomedia.org/aoj.pdf ; the concise details are as 

Thursday, January 8, 8pm: A night of immersive electro-acoustics at 
Experimental Intermedia, 224 Centre Street (at Grand), $5. Performers 
include Claudio Chea (Puerto Rican soundscape artist), Annea Lockwood 
and Paul Ryan (eco-composition in audio and video), Gen Ken 
Montgomery (longtime lower Manhattan experimental sound curator), 
Tobias Van Veen, Greyg Filastine (of Seattle's anarchist drum corps, 
the Infernal Noise Brigade), Gregory Whitehead (well-known radio arts 
voice), and Pamela Z (SF-based performance artist).

Saturday, January 10, 8pm: Four rooms of sounds and sights at 
OfficeOps in Bushwick, Brooklyn, 57 Thames Street, $10 (info: 
www.officeops.org). Performers will include some of the above, as 
well as multiple simultaneous radio transmissions, musical robots, 
video work, and a sound collage using the interviews in the book.

Both events will be streamed at http://www.free103point9.org , but 
please come out if you've got the opportunity and inclination!

* * *

2. Autonomedia will be tabling at the 7th Annual National Conference 
on Organized Resistance in DC on January 24 and 25. This is a 
weekend-long series of workshops and events -- dozens of them -- 
creating a space for radical discourse and collective empowerment, at 
the American University. There's a robust website at 
http://www.organizedresistance.org/index.shtml for more info; come 
out, come out!

*   *   *   *   *

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Ben at Autonomedia