[Autonogram] December Autonomedia update

Ben at Autonomedia ben@autonomedia.org
Fri, 10 Dec 2004 17:13:43 -0500

Here's an update on projects and schemes here at Autonomedia Headquarters.

1. 2005 Calendars available!
2. NYC: Peter Lamborn Wilson speaks on the topic of secession, next Tuesday.
3. New book: Anarchitexts
4. New book: Cyberfeminism. Next Protocols
5. Silvia Federici talk on the witchhunts now online
6. Recent headlines from the Autonomedia/Interactivist website.

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1. We start shipping our 2005 calendars next week, so get your orders 
in now! For the 13th season, Autonomedia celebrates a full year of 
political and cultural radicals, visionaries, troublemakers and other 
celebrants of righteous mischief in our Calendar of Jubilee Saints 
and the Sheroes and Womyn Warriors calendar. If you're new to the 
calendars, please have a look at 
http://www.autonomedia.org/calendars/index.html for more info and 
images. Discounts on bulk orders are also available.

2. Peter Lamborn Wilson has been thinking about secession since long 
before the recent election, but suddenly everyone's interested. He'll 
be giving his annual Chaos Day talk on "Secession: Creating New 
Autonomous Zones" next Tuesday, December 14, in New York City. It's 
at the Libertarian Book Club / Brecht Forum, 122 West 27th Street, 
10th Floor, and it begins at 7:30. Hopefully it was be available as 
an MP3 soon thereafter. 

3. "Anarchitexts: Voices from the Global Digital Resistance" is one 
of two new books on the politics of network culture and the 
possibilities of resistance in the technological sphere. An anthology 
collected by the Subsol Collective and edited by Joanne Richardson, 
this book contains more than 50 essays and interviews from the 
perspective of engaged artists and activists using digital tools to 
create an alternative society rooted in cooperation. See the book and 
check its impressive list of contributors at 

4. "Cyberfeminism. Next Protocols", edited by Claudia Reiche and 
Verena Kuni, is our other new book on critical digital culture. This 
book has a fairly long history, originating back in 1999 with a 
network call for materials on a book about cyberfeminist practices, 
which itself turned into a cyberfeminist editing practice. The 
resulting collection is a rich, dense group of works attempting to 
reformulate ideas of gender under conditions of the digital era. See 
more about this book at http://www.autonomedia.org/cyberfeminism

5. Silvia Federici's recent book "Caliban and the Witch" has been 
getting a lot of interest of late (see, for example, Steven 
Colatrello's review at 
http://info.interactivist.net/article.pl?sid=04/12/04/2050257 , in 
which he writes that "this book is the most important new work on the 
origins of capitalism to appear in thirty years, since Immanual 
Wallerstein's 'The Modern World System.' For activists today, 
'Caliban and the Witch' is more relevant and useful to our 
anticapitalist struggles and movements." Silvia packed the house at a 
NYC talk a few weeks ago, which is now available as a downloadable 
set of MP3 files via 

6. Finally, the Interactivist Info Exchange, our constantly-updated 
database of articles, reviews, and commentary on the larger political 
and cultural sphere, has been very active of late. Autonomedia is 
only able to publish 7-8 books a year, but the same guiding ideas are 
in place with the editorial view at the Info Exchange, where dozens 
of new articles are posted every week. Be sure to check it frequently 
(at http://slash.autonomedia.org ), and if you feel compelled to 
reply to a posting, by all means do it! We welcome all contributions 
and furtherances of the discourse!

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that's all for now, hope you're well, and as always, if you feel the 
need to change your subscription options on this list, the links 
should be available at the top of this email.

Ben / Autonomedia