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greetings subscribers --

One thing that can be said of Peter Lamborn Wilson's writing --
particularly his poetry -- is that it doesn't lack sensuousness; the
imagery, combined with the taste of the words in the mouth, is determined
to invoke secret riches and conspiratorial pleasures. It's a high-fat
vocabulary for sure, full of lacquer and silk --

"We monks are up to some obscure corruption
unhealthy ecstacies forbidden prayers
the narrow cells of cloistered acolytes
crepuscular lustrations & white stains"

-- as well as Mughal gardens, secret histories, voluntary poverty, Rent
Wars, lo-tech, etc., etc. "Gothick Institutions" was recently released
from Xexoxial Editions in Wisconsin. The poet Robert Kelly wrote that
"with sensuous urgency Peter Lamborn Wilson creates notional nations,
complex pleasure gardens, then dares us to live in them. He teaches a
subtle and necessary science: 'liberation from the image through the

And a reviewer in Fifth Estate writes that "Ostensibly a volume of poems,
this dense glossary packs the deep gratification of his best prose. But at
its best, Gothick Institutions is neither poetry nor prose while obviously
both—because buried in these pages we find wrinkled love letters from our
spiritual ancestors reincarnated as the crinkly cartography of our future

Prose, free verse, even some sonnets in iambic pentameter: it's all
available in our bookstore for ten measly bucks, at

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