[Autonogram] sorry for the repost, tech glitch and a typo... NYC Event: Peter Lamborn Wilson and Anne Waldman at the Living Theatre on 2/04, 8pm

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Greetings Autonogram recipients,

It’s copy/paste + copyedit Autonomedia-related events day at Autonomedia HQ!

Sorry for the short notice, but NYC fans please take note: Peter Lamborn
Wilson and Anne Waldman will be reading on Monday at the Living Theatre.

Here’s the info:

LIVING POETS SERIES at The Living Theatre presents
reading from their works at The Living Theatre
21 Clinton Street (between Houston and Stanton Streets) MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4
at 8pm
Suggested contribution: $6.00

Peter Lamborn Wilson is an American political writer, essayist, and poet,
known for first proposing the concept of the Temporary Autonomous Zone
(TAZ), based on a historical review of pirate utopias. He sometimes writes
under the name Hakim Bey. The pseudonym is a combination of the Arabic
word for ‘wise man’ — as well as any “decision-maker” or “ruler” — and a
last name common in the Moorish Science Temple. Bey, originally a Turkic
word for “chieftain,” traditionally applied to the leaders of small tribal
groups. In historical accounts, many Turkish, other Turkic and Persian
leaders are titled bey, beg or beigh. They are all the same word with the
simple meaning of “leader.” Also in Turkish, Hakim means “judge” and Bey
is a generic word for a gentleman (mister) generally used after a name.

Anne Waldman is an American poet, born in Millville, New Jersey and raised
on MacDougal Street in New York City. She received her B.A. from
Bennington College in 1966. During the 1960s, along with poets, Gregory
Corso and Allen Ginsberg, Waldman became part of the East Coast poetry
scene, giving frequent readings at the The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s
Church, which she ran from 1966–1978. She has published more than forty
books. Waldman became a Buddhist, practicing with the Tibetan Chogyam
Trungpa Rinpoche, who later became Ginsberg’s guru. With Allen Ginsberg,
she founded the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at the Naropa
Institute in Boulder, Colorado (now Naropa University). She is a
Distinguished Professor of Poetics at that institution.

212 792 8050

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