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Greetings, Autonogram subscribers:

My, it has been some time since we sent out one of these. Something  
always seems to come up that delays it: parking tickets, alien  
invasions, etc… but in that time there has been a whole slew of new  
books released and exciting new developments. So without further ado  
or excuses, here is the breakdown in more detail:

1. New Books: Black Fez Manifesto by Hakim Bey; Ethereal Shadows by  
Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi; Strategic Reality Dictionary by Konrad Becker;  
Red Genes Blue Genes by Guillermo Jiminez; Living on Third Street by  
Howard Reznikov; Work of Love by Giovanna Dallacosta; and Unleashing  
the Collective Phantoms by Brian Holmes.

2. Upcoming Books: Edufactory: Toward the Global Autonomous University  
by the EduFactory Collective; Creating Insecurity: Data Browser #4,  
edited by Wolfgang Sützi; The Essence of Jargon by Alice Becker-Ho;  
New Lines of Alliance, New Spaces of Liberty by Antonio Negri and  
Félix Guattari.

3. Review Copies & Participatory Propagation: You Know You Want To!

4. Bookfairs: Providence (with the Sun Ra Arkestra!, August 15th

5. Upcoming Events: Seminar and event series with Franco ‘Bifo’  
Berardi at 16 Beaver (NYC) in September 2009.


1. New Books:
There has been a deluge of new Autonomedia titles over the past year.  
For more information about them go to http://www.autonomedia.org/newbooks 
. Here, however, are some highlights from our list:

Ethereal Shadows by Franco Berardi, Marco Jacqumet, and Gianfranco  
Incisive analysis of media power in Berlusconi’s Italy along with a  
history of Italian independent media.

Black Fez Manifesto by Hakim Bey
New poetic rants and prose poems from the author of TAZ and Millennium.

Strategic Reality Dictionary by Konrad Becker
A conceptual arsenal for unlocking the secrets of consensus reality  
and the hyper-management of everyday life.

Subverting the Present, Imagining the Future, edited by Werner Bonefeld
New collection of autonomist essays on insurrections, movements, and  
building commons in the present.

Work of Love by Giovanna Dallacosta
New translation of a classic Marxist feminist text on the relation  
between housework and sexual violence.

Living on Third Street by Howard Reznikov
A collection of essays, documents, and images from the Living Theater— 
the U.S.’s longest-running avant-garde theater project.

Red Genes, Blue Genes by Guillermo Jiminez
Exploration of contemporary political irrationality drawing from  
neuroscience and behavioral genetics.

Worst Book Ever by The Unbearables
New collection of writings from the Lower East Side’s best cultural  
provocateurs. The Unbearables at their worst.


2. Upcoming Books:
There are a number of exciting books planned for release in the very  
near future. Coming soon!

Creating Insecurity: Data Browser #4, edited by Wolfgang Sützi
Following up from the first three Data Browser collections, this  
volume explores the politics and practices of artistic and cultural  
production in an age dominated by security. How far can art go when  
securitization envelops all of society?

Edufactory: Toward the Global Autonomous University by the Edufactory  
A collection of essays exploring the dynamics of labor unrest and  
movement formation in the contemporary global university.

The Essence of Jargon by Alice Becker-Ho
The first widely available English translation of the former  
Situationist and poet’s excellent exploration of slang, argot, and the  
coded communication of the ‘dangerous classes.’

New Lines of Alliance, New Spaces of Liberty by Antonio Negri and  
Félix Guattari
In the depressing wake of the 1970s’ radical movements, Negri and  
Guattari collaborated on a series of essays and publications  
rethinking the possibilities and organization of communist politics.  
This edition of their collaborative work features a new introduction  
by Matteo Mandarini and the translation of several previously  
unpublished essays.


3. Review Copies & Participatory Propagation: You Know You Want To!
While larger and more commercial publishers might have impressive  
advertising and promotional budgets to help flog their wares upon the  
public, we do not. And that’s where the free cooperation of the autono- 
mediated multitude comes in. If you’d be interested in writing a  
review of a new book, setting up a speaking gig or release event,  
organizing a red and black banquet, or some other form of autonomy- 
propagating activity, get in touch. For review copies and discussion  
of propagational strategies contact stevphen at autonomedia.org


4. Bookfairs: Providence, August 15th
Members of the Autonomedia editorial collective will be tabling a  
number of bookfairs and events in the coming months, but one of the  
most exciting of them is the annual Providence Anarchist bookfair. The  
Providence bookfair is a part of the annual Foo Fest, a community  
festival and gathering organized by the excellent AS220 art space.  
This year, the festival’s musical line up is simply stellar, featuring  
chaotic noise mongers Lightning Bolt and the legendary Sun Ra  
Arkestra. For more information go to http://www.as220.org/foofest


5. Upcoming Events:
In early September there will be a series of seminars with Franco  
‘Bifo’ Berardi at 16 Beaver in downtown New York City. This series  
will be modeled on the ongoing conversations and events that 16 Beaver  
has held with Brian Holmes (under the theme of “Continental Drift”).  
Bifo, who has been involved in autonomist politics and tactical media  
organizing for over forty years now, will be exploring the history and  
development of the subjectivation of autonomous politics and the  
possibility for movement composition in an age of fractalized and  
recombinant labor.

That’s all for now. More to come soon…

Cheers & solidarity,

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