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Greetings Autonogram Subscribers,

After a wonderful extended summer we've stumbled directly into a joyous 
autumn of discontent filled with occupations and assemblies. Just in 
time for that Autonomedia is releasing several new books perfect for 
reading on the barricades. Here's the info on them:

1. Just released: Markets Not Capitalism, This Young Girl Passing, and 
Fukushima Mon Amour

2. US Release Event for Spectacular Capitalism

3. Upcoming Events & Tabling



1. New Titles


Markets Not Capitalism: Individualist Anarchism Against Bosses, 
Inequality, Corporate Power, and Structural Poverty

Ed. Gary Chartier & Charles W. Johnson

Individualist anarchists believe in mutual exchange, not economic 
privilege. They believe in freed markets, not capitalism. They defend a 
distinctive response to the challenges of ending global capitalism and 
achieving social justice: eliminate the political privileges that prop 
up capitalists.

Massive concentrations of wealth, rigid economic hierarchies, and 
unsustainable modes of production are not the results of the market 
form, but of markets deformed and rigged by a network of state-secured 
controls and privileges to the business class. /Markets Not Capitalism 
/explores the gap between radically freed markets and the 
capitalist-controlled markets that prevail today. It explains how 
liberating market exchange from state capitalist privilege can abolish 
structural poverty, help working people take control over the conditions 
of their labor, and redistribute wealth and social power.

Featuring discussions of socialism, capitalism, markets, ownership, 
labor struggle, grassroots privatization, intellectual property, health 
care, racism, sexism, and environmental issues, this unique collection 
brings together classic essays by leading figures in the anarchist 
tradition, including Proudhon and Voltairine de Cleyre, and such 
contemporary innovators as Kevin Carson and Roderick Long. It introduces 
an eye-opening approach to radical social thought, rooted equally in 
libertarian socialism and market anarchism.

"We on the left need a good shake to get us thinking, and these 
arguments for market anarchism do the job in lively and thoughtful 
fashion."-- Alexander Cockburn, editor and publisher, /Counterpunch/

"It will be hard for any honest libertarian to read this book -- or 
others like it -- and ever again be taken in by the big 
business-financed policy institutes and think tanks. In a world where 
libertarianism has mostly been deformed into a defense of corporate 
privilege, it is worth being told or reminded what a free market 
actually is. Our ideal society is not 'Tesco/Wal-Mart minus the State.' 
It is a community of communities of free people. All thanks to the 
authors and editors of this book." -- Sean Gabb, director, UK 
Libertarian Alliance

More information HERE <http://www.minorcompositions.info/?p=230>.

Order the book HERE 




This Young Girl Passing

Donald Breckenridge

This Young Girl Passing explores the dynamics of an illicit relationship 
between a troubled schoolgirl and her young French teacher in Upstate NY 
in the 1970s, simultaneously capturing the feel of post-Vietnam life in 
America. In alternating chapters the novel jumps twenty years forward, 
tracing the renewed affair between the teacher and student (by then 
married with a teenage daughter of her own) which continues until the 
teacher's wife discovers the affair. This Young Girl Passing is a 
non-linear love story and a realistic portrayal of Middle America that 
spans three decades.

"This Young Girl Passing is a deceptively short, dense, ferociously 
poignant novel of sexual betrayal and despair set in impoverished 
upstate New York, a Raymond Carver-ish milieu of never-weres and 
left-behinds. Breckenridge is a pointillist, constructing scene after 
scene with precise details of dialogue and gesture, each tiny in itself 
but accumulating astonishing power and bleak complexity. The novel's 
triumph though is in its architecture, its skillfully fractured 
chronology and the deft back and forth between the two main plot lines, 
two desperate, sad affairs twenty years apart and the hollow echoes in 
the blast zone of life around them." Douglas Glover, author of Bad News 
of the Heart

"Sex and French class, c'est inconsolable! Donald Breckenridge twists 
and elides passions and recriminations with time, giving This Young Girl 
Passinga glorious postmodern shimmer.The urgency of sex on every page." 
-- Terese Svoboda, author of Black Glasses Like Clark Kent

"Donald Breckenridge beautifully evokes the way the present is saturated 
with the past, the way a brief love affair can ripple through decades, 
and the way even our most impassioned moments are fractured by 
distraction. This Young Girl Passing doesn't pass quickly at all; it 
burns itself into our understanding of obsession and love." Dawn Raffel, 
-- author of Further Adventures in the Restless Universe

Buy the book HERE 



Fukushima Mon Amour: Essays on Japan's Nuclear Crisis

Daniel de Roulet, Anne Waldman, Silvia Federici and George Caffentzis, 
Sabu Kohso

Four literary and political essays on the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear 
disaster of March 11, 2011, following the earthquake and tsunami that 
struck the northeastern coast of Honshu, Japan.

Buy the book HERE 



2. Spectacular Capitalism US Release Event

The US book Launch Spectacular Capitalism will take place at The 
Pharmacy <http://www.thepharmacygallery.com> in Springfield, IL, on 
October 28, at 6pm. The Pharmacy is an art studio/gallery/creative 
performance space run by a coterie of local experimental artists in the 
old Watt Brothers Pharmacy building on South Grand.


Here are the details:

Friday, October 28, 2011 @ The Pharmacy 
<http://www.thepharmacygallery.com> @ 6PM

401 South Grand Avenue West 217-652-3273

Facebook Event page <http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=143752769055761>


3. Upcoming Tabling and Events

Historical Materialism <http://www.historicalmaterialism.org> (London) 
November 10-13


That is all for now. More to follow shortly.




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