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Subject: 	proposal for a biography on a radical south african from the 
Date: 	Wed, 03 Oct 2012 02:48:16 -0400
From: 	taylor sparrow <tfsparow at gmail.com>
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dear autonomedia,
     stevphen, i was referred to you by my friend sylvie kashdan, who now
lives in seattle but once lived in new york. jim, we met (i think
perhaps on a couple of occasions, but) recently at the art book fair in
long island city.
     i am writing to present a proposal to (co-)publish a book that i
have been working on writing for the last three years. it is nearly
finished, and should be ready by the end of the year. i am right now
living in prospect heights, and would like to meet with you at some
point soon, either at my place or yours, to discuss this idea further. i
think many of the details would be easier to deal with in person than
through email.
     all the same, i have attached a formal proposal, which should give a
fair bit of information. it is the same file i sent to your sister
press, minor compositions, and so should address most questions that you
might have.
     also, the link below will allow you to download the preface,
introduction, and first two chapters of the book. this will give you
some sense of the story, as well as a feel for the tone and aesthetics
of the book. as i said, much more is written already, so feel free to
ask for more to read, if this is helpful.

thank you for taking the time to take a look at this. please do let me
know when we might be able to meet soon. my schedule is quite flexible.
i can be reached also at 206-510-9080.

wishing you well,
a.k.a. taylor sparrow

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