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Fri, 22 Aug 2003 15:29:27 -0400 (EDT)

Hello, Autonomaniacs; here's a late-August update on stuff going on,
shiny new books, and the such --

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1. Autonomadic Bookmobile rolling into Brooklyn and Manhattan
2. Saul Newman speaking on Post-Anarchism at ABC No Rio
3. New Book: Sarai Reader 3, Reshaping Technology
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1. The much-celebrated Autonomadic Bookmobile, which has eschewed fossil
fuels altogether and in fact is run on a powerful combination of pure
mirth and squatter funk, will be showcasing their wares, their how's and
their why's, here in New York City over the next week. On AUGUST 23,
they'll be performing at Galapagos Arts Space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
(North 6th St between Wythe and Kent) at 7:30pm -- that's this Saturday!
Then next FRIDAY, AUGUST 29, they'll be at ABC No Rio, 156 Rivington
Street in Manhattan, at 8pm. $5 will  get you in at either show.

For those who might not have been paying attention, the Autonomadic
Bookmobile Roadshow is a two-person infoshop and radical bookshop on
wheels, operating in the mode of the 19th-century tent-revival / snake-oil
show. They combine old-timey sideshow acts with hard-edged critique, and
if you're lucky, they might demonstrate exactly how many Baudrillard's can
successfully balance on the head of a pointy sword. I've heard tell of a
Zerzan vs Bookchin Punch & Judy act, but it may just be delicious

For more on the bookmobile and a full tour schedule, don't hesistate to
visit http://www.autonomedia.org/bookmobile/bookmobiletour2003.html

* *

Speaking of welding together the philosophical and the political,
post-anarchist hotshot Saul Newman will be kicking off a new anarchist
theory lecture series this Tuesday the 26th at ABC No Rio. Newman's work
struggles to articular modes of resistance to power that don't rely on the
moral and rational norms which reinforce implicit systems of domination.
He argues instead for non-essentialist forms of resistance to power, and
will be speaking on the philosophical and political contours of such

For more information on Newman, the following articles are available
online: The Politics of Postanarchism:
On the Future of Radical Politics:

And, by the way, Saul Newman has a chapter in the forthcoming Autonomedia
book on Nietzsche and anarchism, "I am not a Man, I am Dynamite!", which
should hopefully be out by the end of the year.

Saul Newman at ABC No Rio, 156 Rivington Street, Manhattan, 7:30 pm,
Tuesday August 26th, $5 suggested donation. This event is sponsored by
Autonomedia, the Center for Culture, Technology and Work (at the CUNY
Graduate Center), and the freeCUNY collective


(by the way, these are jam-packed days, events-wise: be sure to check
our events calendar online at
http://www.autonomedia.org/pcgi-bin/suite/calendar/calendar.cgi (though
you may find it easier to just click on the link from our front page, good
ol' autonomedia.org, and be sure to check the info exchange while you're
there -- there's always new and provocative material for your inspection.)


New on our shelves this week is the third volume in the Sarai Reader
series, "Shaping Technologies." The Sarai New Media Initiative is a
Delhi-based cultural center aiming at critical interventions into the
urban fabric, largely through new/old media practices, workshops and
seminars, arts, and education. They've got a website at
http://www.sarai.net with a full description of their many activities.
Among these is the annual production of a thematic journal, the Sarai
Reader, which supports new writing from South Asia with a view towards
rigorous critical discussion around media practice, theory, and popular
culture in South Asia.

The new issue, "Shaping Technologies", concerns itself not only with new
communications and software technologies, but with the whole gamut of
relations between people and machines -- "from mobile phones to kerosene
lamps," as the web site puts it. There's a full table of contents and
downloadable pdfs of the entire book at the web site (sarai.net -> Reader
-> Reader03), and if, after you've looked at these, you need to buy the
book, we've got copies available for sale at our web site --
http://www.autonomedia.org/newbooks/index.html should get you most of the
way there, though an email to orders@autonomedia.org is always welcome as

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That's it for today, chummies; as usual, if you need to absent yourself
from this list, please do so gently, via the links at the top of this
email; likewise, if you know someone who would benefit from the stuff I
send out, by all means feel free to forward responsibly!

Ben at Autonomedia