[Autonogram] 2004 calendars are in! New online bookstore! Aesthetics of protest!

Ben at Autonomedia ben@autonomedia.org
Fri, 28 Nov 2003 16:23:23 -0500

Hello, friends --

Like the arrival of the fall's first snowflakes or the first bottle 
of Beaujolais nouveaux, it's usually anyone's guess when the annual 
Autonomedia calendars will finally appear, but friends, they are 
here, and as usual, not a moment too soon! For those of you 
unfamiliar with this ongoing project, please read more about the 
Saints and Sheroes calendars below, but for the many people who've 
been emailing me, wondering when the calendars will be available, I 
have even more good news: they're also easier to order this year, on 
account of our new online bookstore, and available with bulk 
discounts. Here are the details:

The Autonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints celebrates the lives of 
hundreds of famous, infamous, notorious, etc., celebrants of jubilee, 
on an information-packed large-format (16 x 24 inches when open) wall 
calendar, with artwork as usual from our longtime comrade James 
Koehnline. You can see the cover art for the calendar and order it 
online at http://bookstore.autonomedia.org/saints

The Sheroes and Womyn Warriors Calendar, also in stock and ready to 
ship, celebrates hundreds of womyn who've shaken things up over the 
millennia. Every day celebrates a single Shero (or in some cases, an 
event like a strike, or a group like JANE), with detailed 
biographical information in the sidebar. Lots of hard-to-find radical 
history in this calendar, which makes it a great sourcebook for 
educational use, biography projects, etc. More details and online 
ordering is at http://bookstore.autonomedia.org/sheroes

Both calendars are $9.95 each for 1 - 4 copies, but for the first 
time, we're offering quantity discounts on multiple calendars. Orders 
of 5 - 9 copies will get a 20% discount ($7.96 per calendar), and 
orders of 10 or more calendars will get a 40% discount ($5.97). The 
quantity price is good for mixed copies (i.e., 2 Saints and 3 Sheroes 
will qualify for a 20% discount), so order copies for all your 
friends, your parents, and your ex-boss now!

* * *

Close-eyed readers of the Autonogram will notice that the above web 
addresses are slightly different from earlier ones; this is due to 
the new online bookstore recently installed, developed in conjunction 
with Autonomedia volunteers by the misfit programmers at Openflows, 
an internationally-distributed programming group that develops open 
source software packages for organizations. This means that our 
online store is now based on open-source code, bringing it into 
closer harmony with the free-access to information, copy-left model 
favored by Autonomedia. It's also faster and more convenient, and 
allows us to distribute not only our own books, but material from a 
slew of like-minded other presses! Have a look at their work at 

* * *

Finally, a not-specifically Autonomedia event for New York City 
audiences: Lex Bhagat, one of the editors of  "Sound Generation", our 
forthcoming book of interviews with radical sound artists, will be 
speaking and playing recordings at "The Protest Genre after N30", a 
presentation at Bluestockings Radical Bookstore on the anniversary of 
the Seattle WTO protests. This is in conjunction with the Journal of 
Aesthetics and Protest, and sounds quite promising. Bluestockings is 
at 172 Allen Steet, between Stanton and Rivington; the event begins 
at 7pm, Sunday, November 30.

* * *

That's it for now; as always, thanks for supporting Autonomedia, and 
please use the links at the top of this email to modify your 
Autonogram subscription.

over and out,
Ben at Autonomedia