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Wed Mar 16 13:35:42 EST 2005

greetings, Autonomedia announcement list subscribers --

A few quick things to report:

1. Nietzsche and Anarchism book available
2. Dutch piracy book available
3. Michael Muhammad Knight reading in NYC
4. More $5 books from Autonomedia

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The long-awaited collection of essays exploring the connections between
Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophy and issues in anarchist thought and
practice is finally finished and back from the printer. Entitled "I Am Not
A Man, I Am Dynamite! Friedrich Nietzsche and the Anarchist Tradition,"
the book brings together about a dozen essays from such notable writers as
Allan Antliff, Max Cafard, and our own Peter Lamborn Wilson, among others.
The book was stalled for a few years when the editor, John Moore, suffered
a fatal heart attack while chasing a bus en route to his teaching job;
fortunately, our crack ghost editor Spencer Sunshine was able to finish
putting the book together over the last year, and the thing is now ready
to philosophize with a hammer. Check it out on our website at

* * *

Another finally-matured title to hit the shelves is "The Devil's Anarchy"
by Dutch historian Stephan Snelders. Snelders builds on the scholarship in
Peter Wilson's book "Pirate Utopias" to explore the lives of two Dutch
pirates, Claes Compaens and Jan Erasmus Reyning, who made seafaring life
in the 17th century a bit more barnacle'd than it might overwise have
been. The material he consulted in writing this book hadn't really made
the rounds of recent piratology, so he's bringing fresh evidence to light
on the social organization of the high seas (as well as in the jungles of
Santo Domingo, which was also full of pirates). See more about the book at

* * *

NYC: Michael Muhammad Knight reads from "The Taqwacores" at Bluestockings
The Taqwacores were a legendary scene of Islamic punks in Khalifornia who
give Allah praise in decidedly untraditional ways; their influence guides
a punk-house in Buffalo, NY, in Michael Muhammad Knight's first novel.
Mike will be in NYC this weekend for another event*, and will read and
discuss "The Taqwacores", Islamic punk and other heretical forms of
praise, and the research he's been doing on the cultural topography of
American Islam.
Bluestockings Radical Bookstore, 172 Allen Street (1 block south of
Houston), NYC.
Saturday, March 19, 7pm. FREE
info: http://www.bluestockings.com
the book: http://www.autonomedia.org/taqwacores

* On Friday night, Dr. Amina Wadud will be the first Muslim woman to lead
a mixed-gender jum'ah prayer, which is stirring up plenty of controversy;
check http://www.muslimwakeup.com for details

* * *

More cheap book from the Autonomedia vaults!
Here's another batch of $5 specials; this sale will last for two weeks.
The Blue Line / Daniel De Roulet

Semiotext(e): Canada(s)

Carnival of Chaos / Sascha DeBrul

Cassette Mythos / Robin James

Clipped Coins / George Caffentzis

An Existing Better World / George Dennison

Formet and Anxiety: Paul Goodman Critiques the Media

Gulliver / Michael Ryan

The Lizard Club / Steve Abbott

Magpie Reveries / James Koehnline

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