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Fri Aug 25 16:21:28 EDT 2006

greetings --

This is a reminder about the big booksale currently underway on the 
Autonomedia bookstore site, http://bookstore.autonomedia.org/ through 
next Friday, September 1. We've discounted almost every Autonomedia  book
between 20 and 70%, including these gems (going back some
distance into the Old Days):

"Lab USA," by Kevin Pyle, is an illustrated investigation into
racially and authoritarian motivated science, something along the  lines
of the old zine "Guinea Pig Zero" crossed with the work of Sue  Coe (both
of whom had good things to say about the book). Kevin's a  pretty sharp
illustrator, regularly appearing in the radical comix  zine World War 3
Illustrated, and manages to convey an emotive
intensity beyond the facts of his investigations. This book lists at 
$17.95; through next Friday, it's just over $7.

"Radiotext(e)," edited by Dave Mandl and Neil Strauss, is a top-rate 
collection of essays and other writing around the topic of radio. The 
editors -- one a DJ on freeform WFMU, the other the NY Times rock  critic
who later ghost-wrote a porn-star's memoir -- love their topic  dearly,
and draw from the full spectrum of the broadcast era
(sorry...). From Brecht, Schwitters, and even Khlebnikov, through  Abbie
Hoffman, La Monte Young, and Gaston Bachelard, winding up with  Felix
Guattari, Negativland, and our own Hakim Bey -- and dozens more  -- this
book is a great historical record of what radio can do. 350  pages, and
currently only $7.48.

"Model Children: Inside the Republic of Red Scarves" by Paul Thorez  is a
sweet (but not saccharine) memoir of a childhood spent at Artek,  the
flagship summer camp of the Young Pioneers in the old Soviet
Union. The camps were great models of Soviet-style propaganda and 
indoctrination, but also -- especially for the children of non-Soviet 
Communists, like Thorez -- beautiful, fun places to meet kids from  around
the world and hang out for a summer. Thorez -- the son of
long-time French CP leader Maurice Thorez -- writes fondly of those  days,
but with the critical eye of maturity, doesn't pass over the  excesses and
heavy-handedness of Artek. Well worth reading,
especially at under $6.

* * * * *

So that's only a little of what's on sale. Please take a look at the  site
if you need more reading, and thanks for supporting Autonomedia.

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Ben Meyers

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