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Seasons greetings Autonogram subscribers,

It's the overculture’s "official" holiday season, and our 2008 Calendar of
Jubilee Saints has arrived to mark "every day a holiday" in the coming new
year. If you're giving gifts at this time of year, why not give some
Autonomedia books or calendars, and help support our radical publishing
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Here's what's new in Autonoland:

1. New books: 2008 Autonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints; Mariarosa Dalla
Costa (ed.), "Gynocide: Hysterectomy, Capitalist Patriarchy and the
Medical Abuse of Women"; Geert Lovink & Trebor Scholz (eds.), "The Art of
Free Cooperation"; p.m., "Akiba: A Gnostic Novel"
2. NYC event: Screening of "Urban Dragons" in tribute to Fred Ho on
Sunday, December 16, at the Museum of the Moving Image

* * *

New Books:

The "2008 Autonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints," our 16th annual wall
calendar of radical, cultural, and political saints and s/heroes has
arrived just in time to start at the zero hour, checking off the days you
can substruct the Planetary Work Machine. Every day celebrates a different
s/hero from the political and cultural spheres, ranging from antiquity to
the present, as well as hundreds of significant (and forgotten)
anniversaries to be commemorated.

With collage art by James Koehnline and text by the Autonomedia

Among the 40 or 50 “new” Saints for 2008:

    * Rufina Amaya, sole survivor of the infamous El Salvadoran massacre
at El Mozote (December 11, 1981);
    * Great Italian film director Michelangelo Antonioni;
    * Turkish political activists Ulus Baker and Hrant Dink;
    * Jean Baudrillard, the French philosopher of simulation and the
    * Egon Bondy, Czech underground philosopher, poet, activist, and
lyricist for the Plastic People of the Universe;
    * André Gorz, the Austrian-born French philosopher of liberation from
    * Bohumil Hrabal, Czech surrealist and novelist, highly regarded as
one of Prague's most industrious pub dwellers;
    * Tillie Olsen and Grace Paley, first-generation U.S. feminists and
severely underpublished writers;
    * Ousmane Sembene, revolutionary Senegalese writer and filmmaker;  *
Sekou Sundiata, NYC-based African-American poet and griot;
    * U.G. Krishnamurti, known as India’s "anti-guru," and the "nihilist
of enlightenment";
    * Kurt Vonnegut, sardonic American novelist and essayist;
    * Ellen Willis, journalist, feminist, and cultural critic;
    * Robert Anton Wilson, the American libertarian writer and radical
    * And many others!

Who’s on your birthday?

32 pp, $9.95
Click here to buy it from our online bookstore:


Mariarosa Dalla Costa (ed.),  "Gynocide: Hysterectomy, Capitalist
Patriarchy and the Medical Abuse of Women"

A concise volume of essays on women and "male science," drawing on
theoretical perspectives developed in recent decades by radical Italian
feminists. This book discusses hysterectomy as a form of "sexocide" that
has been in practice from the 1800s through contemporary times, and
relates it back to the witch hunts that plagued Europe from the 14th–17th
centuries. The essays (and accompanying glossaries
and testimonials) collected in "Gynocide" examine the historical, legal,
ethical, psychological and medical aspects of deeply rooted sexist
practices in defining and treating issues of contemporary women's health.
Translated by Danila Obici and Ralph D. Church from the 3rd Italian
edition of "Isterectomia, Il problema sociale di un abuso contro le
donne," contributors include Paolo Benciolini, Mariarosa Dalla Costa,
Daria Minucci, and Riccardo Smaritani.

150 pp, $14.95
For more information or to buy the book, go to:


Geert Lovink & Trebor Scholz (eds.), "The Art of Free Cooperation"

What are the rules of collaboration in “free cooperation”? If you are
anxiously awaiting an answer to this question, or debates linking
web-based, cooperation-enhancing technologies to the broader world of
political activism, check out this book. Put together as a response to
what the editors identified as a "crisis in new-media art education," FC
contains essays from media theorists and critics Howard Rheingold,
Christoph Spehr, Brian Holmes and the editors. The book provides concrete
tactics and techniques for voluntary associations, be they cultural,
political, social, economic, and examines the dynamics (or, the
methodologies and politics) that can emerge within such groups, and also
comes with DVD packed with additional texts, highlights from an
international "Free Cooperation" conference, and a feature-length film
collage, narrated by Tony Conrad. Limited copies are available.

274 pp, $20
For more information or to buy the book, go to:


p.m., "Akiba: A Gnostic Novel"

A new "gnostic novel" by the Swiss author of the utopian classic
“bolo'bolo.” Since there are still few bolos here on planet Earth, why not
visit the meta-universe “Limboland” for some insight on how to create new
utopias? “Akiba” combines the age-old schemes of millennial and modern
utopias with recent research in ecology, quantum physics and computing,
the mathematics of the Big Bang, Peak Oil theories, and the work of Roger
Penrose, J. R. Searle, and others.

278 pp, $15.95
For more information or to buy the book, go to:

* * *

NYC Event:

Fighting Fred Ho Tribute December 16, 7:30 p.m., at the Museum of the
Moving Image, Astoria, Queens

Our friend and comrade Fred Ho—co-editor (with Ron Sakolsky) of "Sounding
Off: Music as Resistance, Rebellion, Revolution"
and composer (with librettist Ruth Margraff) of our book and double-CD
"Night Vision: A First to Third World Vampyre Opera"
—is fighting a valiant battle with colon cancer, and your help is needed
to defray some of his medical costs. If you are in the New York area,
please attend the world premiere of “Urban Dragons: Black and Latino
Masters of Chinese Martial Arts” a documentary film by Kamau Hunter and
Jose Figueroa, (2007, 90 minutes), on Sunday, December 16, 2007 at 2 pm,
at the American Museum of the Moving Image (located at 35th Avenue at 36th
Street in Astoria Queens; R or V train to Steinway Street or Q101 bus to
35th Avenue). Or bike through postindustrial Brooklyn/Queens over the
Pulaski Bridge from Greenpoint, through Long Island City, to Astoria. It's
a 15-20 minute ride from the Manhattan side of the Queensborough Bridge.

Following the screening there will be a discussion between the martial
arts masters featured in the film and the filmmakers Hunter and Figueroa,
and the honoring of Fred Ho. The event is part of the Sword and Fist
series curated by Warrington Hudlin.

For more information on Fred Ho, visit his Cancer Diary at

* * *

That was a long one, but that’s all for now
. another Autonogram and two
new Autonomedia books—Brian Holmes' essay collection "Unleashing the
Collective Phantoms" and Carl Watson's noir novel "The Hotel of
Irrevocable Acts"—will be coming your way early in the new year. We ask
you in parting, please contribute to our all-volunteer project, either by
volunteering your immaterial labor, by donating to Autonomedia, a
501(c)(3) organization, or by continuing to buy our books!

All the bests,
erika at autonomedia

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