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Greetings Autonogram Subscribers,

The summer days may be starting wane in the unfolding of fall, but  
fret not, for there is a whole flurry of new books and events bubbling  
up from Autonomedia-land. Without further ado, here’s the skinny on  

1. New books available: Proud To Be Flesh (Mega-Mute Anthology), The  
Ass’s Tale, (John Farris)

2. Interactivist InfoExchange page back up and running!

3. First Full Colectivo Situaciones book available in English

4. Upcoming Tabling & Events


1.  Several New Books Released

Proud To Be Flesh: A Mute Magazine Anthology of Cultural Politics  
after the Net
Edited by Josephine Berry Slater, Pauline van Mourik Broekman, Michael  
Corris, Benedict Seymour, Anthony Iles and Simon Worthington

In late 1994, back in the days of dial-up modems and Netscape  
Navigator 1.0, Mute magazine announced its timely arrival. Dedicated  
to an analysis of culture and politics ‘after the net,’ Mute has  
consistently challenged the grandiose claims of the communications  
revolution, debunking its utopian rhetoric and offering more critical  
perspectives. Fifteen years on, Mute Publishing and Autonomedia are  
delighted to announce the publication of Proud to be Flesh: A Mute  
Magazine Anthology of Cultural Politics after the Net. The anthology  
selects representative articles from the magazine's hugely diverse  
content to reprise some of its recurring themes. This expansive  
collection charts the perilous journey from Web 1.0 to 2.0, contesting  
the democratization this transition implied and laying bare our  
incorporeal expectations; it exposes the ways in which the logic of  
technology intersects with that of art and music and, in turn and  
inevitably, with the logic of business; it heralds the rise of  
neoliberalism and condemns the human cost; it amplifies the murmurs of  
dissent and revels in the first signs of collapse. The result situates  
key – but often little understood – concepts associated with the  
digital (e.g. the knowledge commons, immaterial labor and open source)  
in their proper context, producing an impressive overview of  
contemporary, networked culture in its broadest sense.

Proud to be Flesh features a bold mix of essays, interviews, satirical  
fiction, email polemics and reportage from an array of international  
contributors working in art, philosophy, technology, politics,  
cultural theory, radical geography and more. Accessible introductions,  
a chronological arrangement of chapters and three full-color image  
sections grant special insight into the evolution of key themes over  

Nick Thoburn’s review of the collection can be found here: http://interactivist.autonomedia.org/node/13708

More information here: http://www.autonomedia.org/node/113

To buy the book: http://bookstore.autonomedia.org/index.php?main_page=pubs_product_book_info&products_id=651


The Ass’s Tale
John Farris

John Farris’s The Ass’s Tale is a Rabelaisian story of a dog’s search  
for his identity. Told in the existential down-and-dirty vein of Ralph  
Ellison, Ishmael Reed and Chester Himes, this book (in manuscript  
form) circulated through New York City’s Lower East Side for years.  
John is a longtime denizen of the neighborhood; he still lives above  
the Bullet Space Gallery at 292 East Third Street.

“Hot dog! Dirty dog! If you ever wanted to know about invisible sex,  
check this out!” – Steve Cannon, author of Groove, Bang, and Jive  
Around and Director of Gathering of Tribes Gallery

More info: http://www.autonomedia.org/node/111
To buy the book: http://bookstore.autonomedia.org/index.php?main_page=pubs_product_book_info&products_id=649


2. Interactivist Info.Exchange Page resurrected

After more then some considerable delay and technological drama, the  
Interactivist Info.Exchange page has been resurrected and is running  
again. The URL for its new home is now: http://interactivist.autonomedia.org 
. Please stop by and check out the latest news and developments in  
autonomous theory and politics world, events, and so forth.

Here are several recent posts:
- Interview with Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi: http://interactivist.autonomedia.org/node/13713
- Immanent Singularities: A Minor Compositions Interview with Bruno  
Gulli: http://interactivist.autonomedia.org/node/13723
- Preface to the Spanish edition of 33 Lessons on Lenin by Toni Negri: http://interactivist.autonomedia.org/node/13705


3. Genocide in the Neighborhood by Colectivo Situaciones

Finally, a full book by Colectivo Situaciones has found its way into  
English! Hopefully more titles by them to follow shortly.

Genocide in the Neighborhood
Colectivo Situacioes

Genocide in the Neighborhood documents the autonomist practice of the  
escrache, a system of public shaming that emerged in the late 1990s to  
vindicate the lives of those disappeared under the Argentinean  
dictatorship and to protest the amnesty granted to perpetrators of the  
killing. The book is an example of militant research, an investigative  
method that Colectivo Situaciones has pioneered. Through a series of  
hypotheses and two sets of interviews, Genocide in the Neighborhood  
documents the theories, debates, successes, and failures of the  
escraches, investigates the nature of rebellion, discusses the value  
of historical and cultural memory to resistance, and suggests  
decentralized ways to agitate for justice. Think of it as a much  
needed model of political resistance.

Colectivo Situaciones is a collective of militant researchers based in  
Buenos Aires. It has participated in numerous grassroots co-research  
activities with unemployed workers, peasant movements, human rights  
groups, neighborhood assemblies, and alternative education experiments.

An essay by Colectivo on militant research: http://www.ephemeraweb.org/journal/5-4/5-4colectivo.pdf

To buy the book: http://bookstore.autonomedia.org/index.php?main_page=pubs_product_book_info&cPath=22&products_id=653


4. Upcoming events

Robin Kahn – Dining In Refugee Camps Release Party
The Art of Sahrawi Cooking
Her collage journal of living & cooking with the women of the Western  

Autonomedia will be tabling at a number of events and bookfairs in the  
coming months:

London Anarchist Bookfair October 23: http://www.anarchistbookfair.org.uk/
NSK Global Congress (Berlin) October 21-23: http://congress.nskstate.com
New York Art Bookfair November 5-7: http://nyartbookfair.com
Renewing the Anarchist Tradition (Baltimore) November 5-7: http://anarchist-studies.org/node/479


That is all for now. More to follow shortly.


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