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Greetings Autonogram Subscribers,

With the insanity of the ‘holiday’ season creeping up on us  
(thankfully to be accompanied by another edition of the Autonomedia  
Calendar of Jubilee Saints, coming very soon!), it seems a fitting  
moment to announce the republication of an expanded version of classic  
text by Antonion Negri and Felix Guattari, as well as some upcoming  
events. And without any further fanfare, here’s the info:

1. Just Published: New Lines of Alliances, New Spaces of Freedom by  
Felix Guattari and Antonio Negri

2. Negri & Guattari Book release event

3. Events with Italian & Japanese Comrades in NYC

4. Upcoming Tabling & Events


1. New Lines of Alliances, New Spaces of Freedom Released
By Félix Guattari & Antonio Negri

“The project: to rescue ‘communism’ from its own disrepute. Once  
invoked as the liberation of work through mankind’s collective  
creation, communism has instead stifled humanity. We who see in  
communism the liberation of both collective and individual  
possibilities must reverse that regimentation of thought and desire  
which terminates the individual….”

Thus begins the extraordinary collaboration between Félix Guattari and  
Antonio Negri, written at dawn of the 1980s, in the wake of the  
crushing of the autonomous movements of the previous decade. Setting  
out Guattari and Negri diagnose with incisive prescience  
transformations of the global economy and theorize new forms of  
alliance and organization: mutant machines of subjectivation and  
social movement.

Prefiguring his collaboration with Michael Hardt, Negri and Guattari  
enact a singular hybridization of political and philosophical  
traditions, brining together psychiatry, political analysis,  
semiotics, aesthetics, and philosophy. Against the workings of an  
increasingly integrated world capitalism, they raise the banners of  
singularity, autonomy, and freedom to search out new routes for  

This newly expanded edition includes previously untranslated materials  
and a new introduction by Matteo Mandarini.

“After the highpoint of the subversive decade 1968-1977, Italian  
autonomist Marxism and French theory of desire meet at the  
intersection of two different methodologies of subjectivation. Social  
recomposition of the working class and molecular proliferation of  
desire merge, and together open a new space for theory and for social  
action. While the ideologies of the twentieth century are falling,  
Toni Negri and Félix Guattari trace the lines of a new vision of  
autonomy.” – Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi

More information here: http://autonomedia.org/NewLinesofAlliance

To buy the book: http://bookstore.autonomedia.org/index.php?main_page=pubs_product_book_info&products_id=657

New Lines of Alliance, New Spaces of Liberty Release December 1st
Bluestockings Books (http://www.bluestockings.com)
172 Allen Street (between Stanton and Rivington), New York

Come join us for a celebration of the re-release of this classic text.  
Discussion and commentary with Jim Fleming, Alexander Galloway,  
Stevphen Shukaitis, and Miriam Tola.


2. Events with Italian & Japanese Comrades in NYC

San Precario Network Screening + Discussion – December 5th at 7PM
16 Beaver Street 4th floor, New York

Over the past fifteen years the idea of precarity has emerged as a key  
area of social conflict and political organizing. But what is  
precarity, and what does a focus on it mean for political organizing  
and social movements? Come join us for an evening of discussion with  
members of the San Precario network on the politics of precarious  
labor and what they could mean for US based movements and campaigns.

The San Precario network is an Italian group of activists,  
collectives, social centers and workers that is one of the main  
organizers of the Milan EuroMayDay Parade. They will be presenting  
materials from their campaigns and work.

Born in 2001 the Italian MayDay has become the most attended May Day  
demonstration in Europe: 120,000 people took the streets of Milan and  
danced until dawn in 2010 under the slogan “Precarious of the world,  
let’s fight!” Since 2004 San Precario is the patron saint of  
precarious European workers. The San Precario Network is devoted to  
defend the workers rights but we also strive to imagine a new set of  
rights, a new welfare that matches the needs and lives of this  
precarious generation. Born within the Italian social centers  
movement, our collective provides legal support, tactical help and  
social-media skills, as well as brand subverting and political  

Our more recent campaigns are: Cash & Crash, a series of actions  
against evil companies wallets and brands; Welfare for Life! A  
campaign to guarantee fix income and free access to services; the  
Etats-General of Precarity, a general assembly of Italian and European  
movements which will be held in October; and of course, the EuroMayDay  


Screening with Nakazaki-cho Documentary Space (NDS) – December 7th at  
Bluestockings (http://bluestockings.com) – 172 Allen Street, NYC

Kamagasaki is the largest slum and has the largest day labor pool in  
Japan. Come out for a screening of footage created by Nakazaki-cho  
Documentary Space (or “NDS”) and learn about the struggles and  
insurrections in Kamagasaki, including evictions, urban space  
transformations, and working conditions. NDS member Ayumi Goto studies  
early 20th century leftist culture in the US and Japan. Sabu Kohso  
writes about social movements and urban space and has translated books  
by David Graeber and Kojin Karatani.


3. Upcoming events
Autonomedia will be tabling at a number of events and bookfairs in the  
coming months:
North American Anarchist Studies Network (Toronto) January 15-16: http://www.naasn.org/


That is all for now. More to follow shortly.


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